Tuesday, April 14, 2015

California Adventure May 2015

My riding in California has been a bit sporadic, for a time I was riding two days a week at the local Off Highway Vehicle park, and taking small trips on various bikes.

                                                      A Trip from Vegas out to the coast
to pick up a new, to me, bike. this was a great trip across the state and out to the coast, taking Hwy 41, a road I have never taken before, then up Hwy 1 for a great ride and some excellent views

Next Adventure: Planning has been underway
June 2015 Start date
for some time for the next two adventures (ALASKA 2015 and the next Ride California May 2015) you can read about ALASKA 2015 at 

Ride California May 2015 – Talk of this trip started Last year as we road

The group was looking for a California Ride that would be less of a long distance challenge but still provide the amazing sights and remote locations the riders have yet to see. Honestly we felt this might be a tall order for a group of Native California Riders, when in fact it has turned out to be a truly amazing rout, not one of the riders have ever covered.
A look down on Hwy 1
form a less known road
My Brother and I are really enjoying putting these rides together, and though we could both just run with a plan, we spend the time together to really create an epic ride for all.
We both look at rout options, send photos of specific locations then agree on sites that can be linked together to form a trip, then the fun starts, looking for alternate routes, B roads side trip options, once we have a good list we sit together in front of a large computer display and start pushing and pulling rout lines together drilling down to some unknown roads finding ourselves wondering if they actually go through. Once we are fairly convinced all the roads we have picked “might actually go through, we split up and start the research to get confirmation the roads, go all the way through, are open during the time of year we are planning the trip and look for reports from People whom have traveled the roads in the past. After this work is complete we start making reservations, creating GPS Rout maps and trip Guides for the riders.

Here are some highlights of the Ride California May 2015 trip:
riding High in to the Hills
Along Hwy 1
We will take in Yosemite, the Kings Canyon area and Hwy 1 up the Coast of California. Winding our way through the sierras we will be taking many B roads and dirt tracks with some spectacular vistas, once we arrive to the Coast we have optional loops from Hwy 1 that follow Dirt Roads and trails through the upper level of the costal hills providing a rare look at the California cost most people miss. I will post a ride report after the trip in May!

Interesting Sights
Great roads

Small Hidden Lakes
the less traveled Sierras